Jeff believes in fairness, opportunity, and community.

If we come together, we can bring positive change to Wisconsin by pursuing progressive, fair, and common sense policies.

1. Revisit every one of the more than 100 laws adopted in the last several years that stole decision making from local authorities

2. Restore true local control to Wisconsin communities

3. Reinstate the Regional Transit Authority legislation that Jeff authored in 2009- repealed in 2011-that would have allowed our local municipalities to fund transit that cross county lines

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1. Take responsibility as a state to send our dollars back to school districts

2. Lift the revenue limits and restore local control to the school boards

3. End the failed voucher school program

4. Expand early childhood education opportunities and continue Jeff's work he began in 2009 with the passage of his mandatory Kindergarten legislation

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1. Adopt public funding of campaigns and level the playing field so anyone can run for office

2. Require any group spending money on ads and other political activity to file reports naming every individual who funds them

3. Reinstate the Government Accountability Board


1. Adopt a statewide living wage- like that which Jeff, in his work as a Citizen Action organizer, worked to pass in Eau Claire county

2. Restore Equal Pay legislation to ensure that people of any gender are paid fairly

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  1. Implement a statewide ban on harmful conversion therapy programs
  2. Update Wisconsin's housing and employment nondiscrimination laws and administrative rules to include transgender and gender non-conforming individuals
  3. Reinstate full health care coverage and protections to all transgender employees covered by state insurance plans

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1. Accept the Medicare Expansion

2. Adopt the BadgerCare public option

3. Develop innovative policy to make Wisconsin a leader in healthcare as it was when Jeff authored an amendment to allow children to remain on parent's coverage until age 27 before the Affordable Care Act

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1. State moratorium on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations like those that Jeff has been working to defend against in Western Wisconsin

2. Reinstate regulations making it more difficult to acquire a high capacity well permit

3. Reinstate the Sulfide mining moratorium

4. Restore wetlands protections

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1. Rebuild our infrastructure, including rural broadband, rather than dumping our tax dollars into a private, foreign company

2. Dismantle the failed experiment of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

3. Restore the strength of the Department of Commerce and support Wisconsin businesses and products

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1. Stop racist incarceration practices

2. Put our money into treatment over prisons

3. Ensure that everyone feels safe in our community


  1. Re-introduce and implement Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Protection Act to ensure equal pay for equal work
  2. Ensure full access to reproductive health care, includes family planning, contraception, as well as prenatal and postnatal care
  3. Support legislation and initiatives through state departments - like the Office of the State Treasurer - to equip female entrepreneurs so they can meet their full potential and jumpstart our economy